April 2018 Prayer Letter!

  • Jesus rose from the dead! This is the source of victory, confidence, and life for every Christian. What a blessing it was celebrating Jesus’ resurrection here in China. We had a special service at the underground church here and God really blessed. There were one hundred people that came for the service and four people that decided to trust in Jesus as their Savior! What a blessing to see God working and using the church our missionary teammates started to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ! More people have trusted Christ in the past couple weeks and many of the new believers have been baptized. God is truly doing a great work. Please pray for people to continue to come to know Christ as their Savior and for the new believers to grow in their relationship with the Lord.
  • Our one-year resident permits were approved this month! We now have legal stay in China until February next year and then should be able to renew them at that time without having to leave China. This is an answer to prayer!  Thank you for praying.
  • Nancy and I are working hard at the language. At times it seems like progress is slow, but when we think about how we have only been in China for four months and think of all the things we can now understand and say, I am very thankful for the progress God has allowed us to make. It really is encouraging! Please pray for God’s continued help in this area.
  • Please pray for Nancy and I to make contacts with people as we are out and about practicing Chinese. While we can’t communicate fluently yet with people in Chinese; we do know enough to make friends with people, tell them simple truths about Jesus, and invite them to come to church and church activities. Please pray for God to help us this month meet many new people, be able to tell them as much as we can about Jesus, and invite them to come hear about Jesus’ death for our sins and resurrection from the grave!






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