May 2018 Prayer Letter

  • Thank you everyone for lifting us up in prayer! You are a real blessing to us. God has been helping and growing us each day. We are making some exciting progress and are looking forward to seeing how God continues to help us in the days ahead. 
  • Nancy and I both are seeing improvement in Chinese. Lately, we have both been purposely trying to spend time with Chinese people who can’t speak any English to force ourselves to speak and understand Chinese. It has been helping and we want to keep putting ourselves in situations where we can learn more of the Chinese language and culture. 
  • Language classes are going well and we both have been passing the language tests we have! Please pray for us diligence to keep working hard at the language. 
  • Please pray for a couple that lives on the same floor as we do in our apartment complex. Their names are Mr. Sang and Mrs. Wang. We have been able to eat together a couple of times with them and share the Gospel with them. Please pray for God to open their hearts. We also have made several new contacts this month that we are trying to follow up with. Pray for God to help us point them to Jesus. 
  • Please pray for several people that have recently been coming pretty regularly to the underground church here, but have yet to make a decision to accept Jesus as their Savior. Please pray for God to convict them of their need of a Savior.




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