Weekly News Bites – Another Good Week

As I am writing this update it is Saturday evening here in China and another week is almost over. It has been a good week. Language school was busy again this week with a lot of homework and a lot of time spent trying to talk with people. We are making progress and will try to keep working hard each week.

Last week I invited a man to bring his daughter to the English kid’s club outreach we have at the church each Sunday before church service.  I saw this man at the park with his daughter when I was out practicing Chinese. To my surprise he recognized me. When I asked him how he knew me, he said that he remembered me from 2015 when I was in China on my internship and that he used to work at the grocery store and that I would practice Chinese with him then from time to time. I thought this was really neat! He said my Chinese is much improved from back then :). This past Sunday he and his daughter came to the kid’s club! Please pray that he could come back, stay for the church service, and come to know Jesus Christ as his Savior.

I got to preach for 10 minutes in Chinese at an outreach event we did at the church yesterday. We had snacks and games for children for international children’s day. The good thing about children’s outreach events here in China is that if one child comes he at least will always have one of his parents with him and many times both of the parents will come. They will always stay with the kid throughout the whole event. Several people mostly unbelievers came to the event and got to hear the Gospel! Please pray for opportunities to follow up with the people that came. As far as the preaching in Chinese went, I definitely need to make a lot of progress in the language and I mispronounced several words as I preached, but I did feel like it was a milestone reached to be able to stand up and talk for 10 minutes in Chinese. Please pray for Nancy and I both to make progress as we keep working on the language and that God would help us in a mighty way.

This is just a quick update of a couple exciting things that happened this week. Thank you for your faithful prayers for us!

God bless,

Kanon & Nancy Bloom

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