Weekly News Bites – God’s Protection



  • Scare from the police. Last week on Monday two police officers came by the place where the underground church meets. Thankfully they did not come by because they were looking for a church, but rather because they were doing a census in the area trying to make sure all businesses were legal. Because we do not have the room we meet in decorated as a church we do not think that they know about the church and they didn’t give us any major trouble. The next Sunday we actually had service in people’s houses just to make sure that there were no problems. From everything we can tell these policemen doing the census in the building where the church meets have left the area and last Wednesday we met back at the room we rent for the church, but please pray for God’s continued protection.
  • These past couple of weeks we have continued to meet new people as we are out and about practicing the language and we have been working at sharing the Gospel and inviting these people to church and church outreach events. A few people have come and others haven’t been able to come yet, but we are trying to follow up with those we meet. Pray for God to work in people’s hearts and open their eyes to the fact that they need Jesus.

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