Please pray! Some prayer updates from China!

Thank you everyone for praying for us! We are doing well here in China and God is working. Here are some things I would like to ask you to pray for:

1. Please pray for a friend of mine named Bǎo Lóng. He has come to church the past two Wednesday nights, but had to leave in the middle of the service both times because of something unexpectedly coming up. He has gotten to hear the Gospel. Please pray for his salvation and opportunities to continue to witness to him.

2. Please pray for Nancy and I with our language studies. My next semester of university classes starts next week. Nancy’s morning classes have been going well and she has been spending time with a couple Chinese ladies from the church here in the afternoons practicing Chinese. This has been a big help to her. Pray for God’s grace to help us both learn the language well.

3. Please continue to pray for my friend John. I have been able to study the Bible with him twice now all in Chinese. He seems to really be interested in the Bible. We are planning to keep studying together. Last time we met, he asked me how to know if God is real and seems to really be thinking about what we have studied. Please pray for him to see the truth and trust Christ as His Savior!

Thank you for always praying for us. We know so many people are praying for us and that is a big blessing! God is a big God and we know He will do big things if we ask Him. Thank you for praying! 

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