October 2018 Prayer Letter





  • God is so good! Praise Him for the free gift of salvation we get to tell people about! 
  • Back in August, I mentioned that there was a young man named Jack who accepted Christ as His Savior. The night he got saved there was a classmate of his studying with us named Eric. That night he didn’t get saved but said he wanted to learn more. I asked you to pray for his salvation. I am excited to report that this month he also trusted Christ as His Savior!  Also, both Jack and Eric recently got baptized. Praise the Lord and thank you for praying! 
  • A guy I have been studying the Bible with named John has moved away from Dalian. He says he plans to come back to Dalian soon, so please pray he will move back, that we can keep studying the Bible together, and for him to get saved! 
  • Please pray for Mrs. Sun and her 15-year-old son. I met the son at a mall and invited him to come to an event at the church. He didn’t come, but his mom showed up! One thing led to another and now her and her son are both studying the Bible with me and the Chinese pastor. They also have both visited the church and the mom has been coming regularly on Sundays. Their original interest in the Bible came from the fact that the son is preparing to go to high-school at a private school in the United States next year and some of the private schools they have looked at are Christian schools that have Bible classes. The mom wanted the son to be prepared to get good grades in the Bible classes. I was able to explain to them that the reason we study the Bible isn’t to get good grades but to know Jesus so that we can have eternal life. They both seem to be considering believing in Jesus. Please pray for their salvation. 
  • Language school is continuing to go well. We are picking up more and more of the language each day. It has been fun using the language to make friends and have longer and longer conversations with people. Please pray for God to continue to help us each day!



  1. Eric L.

    Very exciting news. Thanks for the updates. You’re both in our prayers.

    1. Kanon (Post author)

      Thank you so much for praying!

  2. Faith Massey

    Praise God for the work that y’all are doing, and the souls that are being saved. I have took over the missions at church and have created each of our missionaries a book that records how many have gotten saved, this is so exciting. Prayers and love. Faith Massey @ Radio Springs Baptist church.

    1. Kanon (Post author)

      Thank you for the encouragement and yes Praise the Lord!


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