November 2018 Prayer Letter

  • A week ago, I met a guy named Evan while out practicing Chinese. He asked me if I knew a way to help him practice English. I told him about an English Bible corner we had started on Tuesday nights at the church. He came and heard my friend Edward explain the Gospel. At the end of the event, I invited everyone to come back on Wednesday night for the Chinese church service. Evan decided to come back on Wednesday and got to hear the Gospel preached again. At the end of the service, the Chinese pastor asked him if he was willing to believe on Jesus as His Savior. He said he was and asked Jesus to save him. Praise the Lord. The same night he made a profession of faith another young man also decided to believe on Jesus as His Savior. It was a great night. Praise Jesus!
  • Nancy has been doing well. She has been learning more and more of the language each day. I am proud of how hard she is working at it. Also, recently she has been able to help out with inviting people to the ladies activities at the underground church here. The activities went well and unbelievers visited and were able to hear the Gospel. 
  • Nancy and I have started a kids Sunday school class on Sunday mornings. It has been a good way to try to get several of the lost visitors that come to the English kid’s club before church to stay for the service. We are praying God would allow many more parents to be able to stay for the service and get to hear the Gospel. I am teaching a Bible lesson in Chinese during Sunday school so please pray for me as I try to use the language I have learned and pray for several parents to stay for the church service. 
  • Pray for God to help us take advantage of opportunities we have to be a witness to unbelievers and help disciple those that have gotten saved. There is a lot that needs to be done and we need wisdom and strength each day to be able to do it!  We thank you for your support and prayers. It really means a lot. We could never do what God is allowing us to do without God’s people being behind us. We are very thankful to God for his blessings and hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

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