Week Of Blessings!

God has really been blessing this past week in China! Praise the Lord! Thank you all for praying for last Sunday’s Christmas service. God really blessed. We had 70 people show up which is about double the normal attendance of the church here. Many first time visitors and friends we had invited came. The Gospel was clearly preached and there were 3 people that day that made professions of faith. Praise the Lord!

So many people came out for a Christmas service that the Chinese pastor had the great idea to have another Christmas service on Wednesday night instead of our regular Wednesday night church service. (Nothing really different than our regular Wednesday service other than singing Christmas carols and having special food afterward.) We tried to invite several people to come and several people came out. There were several new visitors and that night 4 people decided to trust Christ as their Savior. Praise the Lord!

There were so many great stories from this week. I want to share a couple:

One of the guys that I invited whose English name is Kevin has come before to an English corner outreach we did back in the fall. He came to Wednesday’s service and brought a friend. He and his friend both decided to believe in Jesus as their Savior. Later on that night Kevin texted me and said that believing in Jesus was like a light coming on for him and that he was so happy to be a part of this big family (God’s family).

On Wednesday, The Chinese pastor and I wanted to go out to invite people to come to that night’s service, but because of other stuff we had to do it got late on us and we didn’t have free time to go out until about 4pm (three hours or so before service was supposed to start) Furthermore, the invitations we printed up had the wrong date listed. In my heart I started to wonder if it was even worth going out, because it didn’t seem like their was much chance that anyone would come from it. I quickly reminded myself to have faith in God and ask Him to help us. As we were inviting people a man said that he wanted to come. Sure enough he came along with his wife and son. God truly is amazing to work like this. This family didn’t get saved that night, but heard the Gospel and said they want to come back. Please pray for their salvation.

Praise the Lord for all he has done this week. It truly has been a Christmas to remember. We have been further blessed this week to have Nancy’s parents and brother visiting. We have had a great time with them.

Lord willing, we will be having three people or so that have gotten saved previously get baptized this Sunday. Please pray that we will be able to follow up with the people that made professions of faith this week and that they will be willing to get baptized and start discipleship. We praise the Lord for all He has done and know we must continue to rely on Him to help us!

Special Announcement


The team of missionaries to China with our mission board have all collaborated together to write a book about the need in China. Our hope is that God would use this book to call more laborers to the harvest fields of China. Today through the 30th we have made the book available free on Kindle. Please follow this link to download your free copy! “A Thousand Lives Book”

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