Weekly News Bites: 1 Year in China

Today marks one year from when we left for China. As I look back on our first year on the field, I am very blessed by all that God has done for us and am looking forward to all that God will help us do in the coming year.

I am amazed at how much of the language we have learned. We are getting used to using Chinese everyday and living our normal day to day life is mainly done all in Chinese.  It seems like everyday I am getting to use Chinese to tell people about Jesus. This is exciting! We still have a ways to go in the language before we will be ready to go out and start a church, but everyday we are getting closer to that goal. Please pray that in this year God would allow us to use Chinese to lead people to the Lord and disciple the new believers. Please pray for our language skills to continue to advance to the point where we will be comfortable next year to start a new church plant.

Praise: This past Sunday there were three new people baptized. They all had gotten saved at different times in the past six months. Praise the Lord for working in their lives! Please pray for more of the recent people that have made professions of faith to be willing to follow the Lord in baptism.

Please pray: for a high school boy named Shi Shang. I have been able to study the Bible with him several times, but he still isn’t sure if he wants to believe in Jesus as His Savior. I think he might be afraid of what his mom will think. Please pray for God to work in his heart and for him to realize that he needs Jesus!

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