January 2019 Prayer Letter!

  • We serve an amazing and trustworthy God. This past month has by far been the craziest month we have had yet on the field. There have been blessings and challenges, but God has been with us through it all! 
  • We were praying God would do great things as we prepared for our services the Sunday before Christmas and God sure did. We had several new visitors come hear the Gospel and three people made a profession of faith. The Wednesday after Christmas we had a repeat Christmas service and several more people were able to hear the Gospel for the first time. Four more people said that they decided to trust Christ as their Savior! Praise the Lord. The next Sunday was another special service.  Three people got baptized and after the service, we had a make dumplings together activity (very popular in China.)  Two new visitors came to this service as well!
  • About a week ago a friend of one of the college students that recently got saved came to a Wednesday night service. This young man’s name is Kui Qiang. I was able to talk with him some and could tell he was interested in the Bible. The next day I texted him and asked him if he would be willing to study the Bible with me. He was! We studied together for about an hour and a half and towards the end of our time, Kui Qiang decided to believe in Jesus as His Savior. Praise the Lord! Please pray for Kui Qiang to grow in his faith and be willing to follow the Lord in baptism.  An extra blessing of this time for me was that I was able to do the whole Bible study and witnessing all in Chinese. Praise God for helping me the whole time!
  • Just this week as I am writing this letter, we have found out that the police are looking for a church in the place we rent our building. This caused us to suddenly have to move locations. In the near future, it appears like we may have to meet in people’s homes until we can find a suitable place. Please pray that we could find a suitable place to meet, that God would protect us, and give us wisdom as we move forward. We know God will be with us, so please pray for us and everyone here to trust Him!

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