March 2019 Prayer Letter!

  • New passports have been obtained and new Chinese visas have been applied for!  We should know in about two weeks if the visas are approved or not. Please pray for their approval. If the visas are approved, we will be able to head back to China in April! We will not be going back to the city of Dalian, because of all the trouble we had there, but will be able Lord willing to go to a city in the province of Shandong China. 
  • We have been working on things in China while in the US this month: We were able to get friends in China to move all off our stuff from our house to a storage apartment. All of this got done safely with no problems. We were able to apply for a refund from the university in China and they cancelled our old visas with no problems. A friend was able to drive our car from the airport where we left it out to a safe parking place. If we are able to get back into China, we should be able to sell the car and and also get a moving company to move our stuff from Dalian to the new city. Praise the Lord for all this! 
  • A couple of small problems happened this month: 1. Our landlord in Dalian China blocked us from contacting him when we tried to ask for a refund for the year’s rent we had paid upfront. 2. The Chinese pastor did get called into the police station again for questioning, but praise the Lord they just asked a few questions for about an hour and then let him go. 
  • Big Praise: We have not been contacted by the police again nor have the police asked others about us. It seems like things have settled down for us and we are not being looked for. This is great news. 
  • The church in Dalian has continued on despite persecution and threats. Praise the Lord! Please be praying for God to continue to help them. Please pray for them to be able to have a consistent meeting place where they won’t run into any problems from the police. Please pray for them to have open doors and boldness to share the Gospel. It seems the Chinese government lately is trying harder and harder to get rid of the Gospel, but we know the Gospel is powerful and that they can never stop the cause of Christ! 
  • This month we have enjoyed visiting churches and updating people on what is going on in China with the Gospel. We have been encouraged by the amount of people interested in what is happening in China. Many people are praying for the churches there and asking God to do a great work. This is encouraging! Even though China is not friendly towards the Gospel, we still have a responsibility to do all we can to reach people in China for Christ. Please pray for the Lord of the harvest to call more laborers into the harvest fields of China and help the Christians there to be a bold witness for Jesus!

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