June 2019 Prayer Letter!

  • Visas Approved: God has been good to us here in Jinan China. It has been almost two months since we came to Jinan and God has been blessing this whole time. At the end of May our long-term student visas were approved. Praise the Lord for answering this prayer!
  • Language School: Nancy and I have been busy with language school classes this month. We have been doing classes at the local university and also with tutors outside of class. Praise the Lord for helping us. I feel like each month we are making more and more progress in learning Chinese. Please pray for God to continue to help us!
  • Witnessing: A college student who is helping me with Chinese tutoring invited Nancy and I to his hometown. We were able to witness to him and his mom during this trip. His mom especially seems interested in learning more. Please be praying for Mrs. Zhou and Gao Song to be saved. Also, please be praying for Mr Han and Mrs Zhang’s salvation. They are a couple we have been able to witness to. Their daughter is a Christian and has been witnessing to them as well. They seem somewhat interested in learning more about Jesus. Please pray for God to open their hearts. Recently, I met a blind man who I was able to witness to. He says he is interested in learning more about believing in Jesus. Please pray I could follow up with him and for his salvation! Please pray for the salvation of these people and others we have been able to witness to over the past few weeks!
  • Media Ministry: Our Vision for China teammate, Mark Tolson has prepared Bible discipleship material  in Chinese that he has put in audio form. I recently bought a miniSD card, USB copying machine that I have been using to create cards and USB drives with this material on it. I have noticed that a lot of the lower working class people here in China struggle with being able to read well, especially older people. Also, many taxi drivers work 12 hour plus days often 7 days a week. They tell me they have no time to read the Bible. We are praying that by giving these kind of people a way to listen to the Gospel and by giving taxi drivers a USB drive they can put in their radio and listen to as they drive, we can reach them with the Gospel. Please pray for God to use this to help people come to know Jesus!

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