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We have had a great week in China and God has been so good!  A man who I was able to make friends with has an antique store and gave me an open invitation to come to his store to practice Chinese. I have been going about once a week to his store over the past month and a half and each time I would go I would try to make sure to open the Bible and read him a few verses about salvation. He has been going to a government church for the past five years, but was very confused about salvation. This past Tuesday, I asked him if he had ever believed in Jesus to save him from his sin. He told me that even though he had believed in Jesus for help with daily life, he had never believed in Jesus to save him from his sin. I told him that us getting our sin forgiven was the only way we would get to heaven and asked him if he wanted to trust Jesus as his Savior. He said that he did and he made a profession of faith! Praise the Lord. Please pray for this friend to grow in the Lord!

We have a group from the US landing here on Monday to begin a short-term missions trip. We are praying that God would use this trip to call out more laborers to the harvest fields of China! We are also praying that God could use this group to be a witness for Jesus and that souls could be saved through their witness. We will be accompanying them for part of their trip which will begin in the city we are in.

I want to encourage you to download the book, “A Thousand Lives” which is a book our Vision For China team wrote about the need in China. We have made it available free on Kindle until July 2nd. Please click the following link to download your free copy: A Thousand Lives

Thousand Lives Book

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