July 2019 Prayer Letter!

Thank you for praying for us! 

Friend Making a Profession of Faith! I have a friend that I made here who owns an antique store. I will often go to his store to practice Chinese with him and discuss the Bible. This man has been going to a government church for the past five years, but was very confused about salvation. One Tuesday earlier this month, I asked him if he had ever believed in Jesus to save him from his sin. He told me that even though he had believed in Jesus for help with daily life, he had never believed in Jesus to save him from his sin. I told him that us getting our sin forgiven by God was the only way we would get to heaven and asked him if he wanted to trust Jesus as his Savior. He said that he did and he made a profession of faith! Praise the Lord. Please pray for this friend to grow in the Lord!

Goforth China Group: We had a great time with a group from our home church in the States that came to China for a nine day trip. The group was led by the Till family who are currently on deputation to come to China as missionaries. The group began their trip in the city we live in. Then from here travelled to four other Chinese cities. After they left our city of Jinan, Nancy and I were able to meet back up with them for their final two stops in Dalian and Dandong. We had a great time being with them and together seeing the need for more laborers in China. We are praying that God would use this trip in the hearts of the young people that came to call more laborers to China.

Church Service in Dalian: Not only did we get to accompany the group to Dalian, but also were able to go to church with the believers in the underground church we worked in last year in the city of Dalian. It was a blessing. A lady Nancy had brought to church over a year ago came for this service. She told Nancy she still comes occasionally to the church, but hasn’t gotten saved yet. She was able to hear the Gospel again clearly during the service and we ask that you would pray for her salvation!

Prayer Requests: Please pray for us to continue to make progress in Chinese! Please pray we could get a group of lost friends together for a weekly Bible study. I praying that God would use this to help me practice teaching the Bible in Chinese and also be a witness to lost souls. Please pray for God to work in hearts! Thank you for all your prayers for us.

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