August 2019 Prayer Letter

Please pray for a friend! The man I mentioned last month that made a profession of faith has a friend that also works in the same building as he does. The three of us have read the Bible together a few times, and I have had the opportunity to share the Gospel with his friend a few times now. Please pray that his friend would get saved! He is really excited to learn more about the Bible. I hopefully will be able to continue to study the Bible with both of them. 

God opening some doors: We have met some new contacts at a construction supply market. These families have mini-stores where they sit all day and wait for customers to come and buy building supplies. Usually they are not very busy with customers and have time to sit and talk. Nancy and I have been able to visit with them. This has been great language practice for us and also a great chance to share the Gospel. Please pray for a couple families in particular. One is a husband and wife that just got married. Another family is an older couple with a twenty-one year old son. I was able to give both of them a Bible and share the Gospel with them a couple of times. Please pray that the Xie family and the Chen family would get saved.

Language Classes: God has blessed. Even though university has been on summer break all of July and August, God allowed Nancy and I to both find tutors that have continued teaching us Chinese while on summer break. Praise the Lord! I feel like God has been helping us make a lot of progress in Chinese over the last couple of months. Please be praying for God to help us become more and more fluent in the language.

Thank you: Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for your financial support that allows us to do the ministry here in China! We are very blessed and very grateful to all of you!

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