September 2019 Prayer Letter

Working on LanguageNancy and I both have been working hard on Chinese, and God has been blessing. We started back language classes at the university for the fall semester and they have been going well. Each day, we are making progress and it is becoming easier and easier to communicate with people. We still make a lot of mistakes and need a lot of correction, but it is exciting to see how much progress we have made in the past few months. Please pray for God to continue to help us in the language.

Spreading the Gospel:  The friend I asked you to pray for last month, is still studying the Bible with me, but has yet to want to receive Christ. Another friend named Ming who is a university student with very bad eyesight has also been studying the Bible with me. He is hungry to learn more. I met a guy who owns a restaurant, and I was able to witness to him and give him a Bible. His nine-year-old daughter and mom were also able to listen to the Gospel as I shared it with him at the restaurant. Please pray for all these people as well as others we have met this month to receive Christ as their Savior.

Spreading Gospel Audio Players: This month we were able to meet up with our teammates the Johnson and De Los Reyes family in Yantai, China. While there, Ben, Ed, and I were able to go to a village and pass out mp3 players with audio Bible and Gospel messages on them. These people in the village have such little access to the Gospel, please pray for them to get saved. Also, several times this month taking taxi’s we were able to give out USB flash drives with the same audio Bible and Gospel messages on them. I had a few drivers respond really well. One driver even started listening to it while I was still in the car. Please pray for God to bless this seed sown.

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