October 2019 Prayer Letter!

Please Pray for Visas!  Our current student visas expire on January 30th of next year. God has been helping us with our language studies, and we have been making a lot of progress. Praise the Lord, we are becoming more and more comfortable in Chinese. We plan to continue full-time language studies until sometime in the early part of next year. At that point we plan to take a mini-furlough, return to start a four-year term, and begin full-time church planting here in Jinan China. In order to do this, we will need to get new visas at the end of January. We are praying God will open the doors to get a visa that will allow us to live in China without having to go full-time to university classes. This way I can focus fully on ministry and planting churches. We are praying we can meet and make a Chinese friend that we can trust who would be able to help us get business visas for this purpose. We are praying hard for this and ask that you would pray with us! 

Spanish Connection! Nancy and I had this opportunity this month to go to Arequipa Peru for their annual pastor’s school. Arequipa, Peru is where our pastor, Austin Gardner served for 18 years. He started several churches, and the churches he started have started several churches. It is also the city where my brother Kason is doing language school. We had a great time getting to see him and his family as well as our pastor who was there preaching the pastor’s school. Our purpose in going to Peru for this trip was to tell the Christians there about the need in China and tell them how they can go to China as missionaries. We are asking God to call laborers from Peru and Latin America to go to China as missionaries. The response was great and I look forward to the day when God provides a missionary from Latin America to come work in China. Please be praying for God to send more laborers into the harvest fields of China.

New Contacts!  God allowed us to make some new contacts this month that we are hoping to be able to follow up with soon. Please be praying as we share the Gospel with these people that God would open their hearts and show them their need of a Savior. Please be praying for God to save souls! Thank you for your financial support and prayers for us! We are excited to see what God is going to do!

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