November 2019 Prayer Letter!

  • Mr. Ming Getting Saved: This is a young man that I have been studying the Bible with for the past few weeks. He is about twenty years old and is a college student at a special school for people with handicaps. He doesn’t have any handicaps, except that his eye-sight is very bad. (When he reads Chinese characters he needs them to be printed about twice their normal size in order to read them) He was interested in the Bible because his parents are “Christians”, but after studying the Bible with him a couple times, he told me that he wasn’t saved. However, at first he didn’t want to get saved, because he told me he didn’t want to be a Christian, but would rather live for worldly success. Nancy and I started praying that God would change his heart. God answers prayer! The next time I met with him, he told me that he had been thinking about what was most important in life and had come to the conclusion that the most important thing he needed was eternal life! I asked him if he wanted to trust Jesus to save him and he said, “Yes” and trusted Christ as his Savior. He has been growing in his faith since then. He already told me that he has begun witnessing to his classmates! 
  • Trevor Getting Saved: Trevor is a young man from South Africa that was a classmate of mine last semester in Chinese class. I witnessed to him a couple of times back in June, but he wasn’t very interested in the Gospel. This month he came to me, and told me he had been sick and needed to see a doctor. Because his Chinese is bad, he wanted me to help go and translate. Turns out his sickness was very serious (It ended up being tuberculosis) and the hospital wanted him to be hospitalized in order to have a surgery done to drain the fluid from his lungs. However, because the Chinese hospital is so over-run with people they didn’t have any beds available for him to get the surgery done. So, they sent him to the emergency ward to wait for a space to open up. He ended up having to wait three days. During that time, I was able to witness to him. His heart was totally different this time around and he decided to trust Christ as his Savior! Praise the Lord. He ended up spending a total of one week in the hospital and was finally released with medicine to kill the tuberculosis. Please pray for his spiritual growth and for his health.  
  • Upcoming Furlough & Church Plant:  As our time in language school comes to an end, we are making plans to take a short furlough back to the states. We are planning on leaving for the states next year on March 26th and coming back to China on May 12th. When we come back in May, we plan to hit the ground running starting a church. We are excited to see what God is going to do. Please be praying for God to bless in all this! 

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