January 2020 Prayer Letter

  • Praise! Visas Approved: Thank you to everyone for praying for our visa renewal. We were able to get a visa-extension here in Jinan without having to leave China or have any other issues. God really gave us grace in the eyes of the guy at the university that helps issue visas. Praise the Lord for this blessing. I know it is God that is continuing to open the door for us here in Jinan! 
  • Prayer Request, Village Opportunity: The Chinese New Year holiday is coming up. Lord willing, we will be going to spend the holiday with a friend whose hometown is in a village that is a three hour drive from us. This friend and his mom are Christians, but none of his other family members are. Please pray we could be a witness to the people in this village. We also, on the way there and back hope to pass out some Gospel Mp3 players in a couple villages that we will pass along the way. Please pray for God to help us be a bold witness and protect and use us on this trip.
  • Praise! Meeting New Friends: God has been blessing. We have been going out and trying to meet and witness to people in the area where we plan to start a church. God has opened a lot of doors to share the Gospel as well as allow us to make several new friends. Please pray that these people we are trying to reach will see their need for Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Savior. 
  • Praise! Getting to Encourage Chinese Pastors: This month, we went on a trip to the North-East part of China to spend a couple days with a Chinese pastor there whose church was recently raided by the police. We tried to be an encouragement and blessing to him and his family. I was able to encourage him to keep trusting and serving the Lord, despite the opposition. Please be praying for pastor Mark (his English name he picked for himself) and the church he is pastoring to stay strong serving the Lord. We also had a Chinese pastor friend from Dalian and his family come visit us. This pastor has been through a lot of persecution and is still experiencing questioning from the government. I was encouraged by his faith in persecution and we had a great time with him and his family. Thank you for praying for the work in China. Despite Satan’s attacks, God’s kingdom keeps marching forward! Praise the Lord for the victory we have in Jesus! 

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