March 2020 Prayer Letter

  • Furlough: We praise the Lord for giving us good health and the blessing of getting to see many friends and family members so far this furlough. We have been encouraged by many people’s strong love for the Lord. Recently, we also had the blessing of being able to travel to a few churches, and I was able to preach and talk about the need for the Gospel in China. We are praying for God to send more laborers to the harvest fields of China. Would you pray with us for more laborers?
  • Update on Coronavirus in China: While we have been in the States, we have been following the news and talking to friends in China. Things in China have been getting much better! There are now very few new cases of the coronavirus and most of the people that were sick have been released from the hospital. In Jinan, the city we were in, there haven’t been any new cases in over three weeks. Many of our friends are telling us that things are slowly starting to return to normal. Many of them are starting back at work and shops and restaurants are slowly starting to open. There still are a lot of travel restrictions and semi-quarantine measures in place, but we are encouraged that things have been getting better. 
  • Excited to head back to China!  We are excited to get back to China. While we cannot predict how all the recent travel restrictions will affect us, we are praying we will be able to go back to China towards the end of April. Would you pray that we could get back to China quickly to start our first church plant. Would you pray that God would be preparing the hearts of the people we will meet and that they would be open to the Gospel. We are excited to see what God is going to do. 
  • Please pray for Mr. Li: Mr. Li is a Chinese 20 year old man, that I met about three months ago. While in China I was able to witness to him and invite him to study the Bible with me. He studied the Bible with me and we talked about the Gospel. He was asking a lot of good questions, but told me that there was a lot that he still didn’t understand. I was hoping to study with him a second time, but that is when the coronavirus quarantines started and we weren’t able to study together. Please be praying for his salvation. He recently messaged me and told me he wants to see me as soon as we get back to China. I am hoping I can study the Bible with him again when we get back.  
  • Update Video:  We made a video this month to give our supporting churches and friends an update of what God has been doing in our lives over the past two years in China. If you want to watch, please click the image above. Or if you would like a downloadable copy please just email me.


  1. Roseann Armstrong

    Dear Bro and Mrs Bloom
    I am so thankful for the work you all are doing in China. My prayers are with you as you continue to serve the Lord Jesus Christ there. Prayers for Mr. Li’s salvation as well as others you all have been reaching with the gospel. I have a doctor here in NC whose last name is Li, so this dear man you are being a witness to kind of special on my heart. I have made some effort to speak to Dr. Jing Li and invite her and her family to church. I pray that one day as I speak with her she will have her heart opened to the gospel.
    May God continue to bless you all as you serve Him.

    1. Kanon (Post author)

      Thank you so much for the prayers, and I hope your Doctor friend gets saved as well!


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