Exciting Update

Lord willing we will be leaving for Taiwan on August 5th. Because of Coronavirus border restrictions, mainland China still has their borders closed to Americans. There is no saying when they will open back up. With the recent tension between the US and China and surge of COVID cases in the US, it could take longer to open up for Americans than to people of other countries. We are praying the borders will open and ask you to pray with us for this as we hope to get back to mainland China as soon as we are allowed. 

In the meantime, we want to use our time to best fulfill the calling we believe God has placed on our lives. There are millions of Chinese speaking people in Taiwan that desperately need the Gospel. Taiwan has recently opened its borders to Americans. We recently applied for a short-term visa to be allowed entry into Taiwan and by God’s grace these visas were approved two weeks quicker than expected. Praise the Lord. Last Thursday we purchased plane tickets and if all goes well we will be leaving for Taiwan on August 5th. We have a definite 3 month stay allowed on this visa with a possible extension in Taiwan to a 6 month stay.   

While there we will be helping in the church plant our teammates the Tolson family started. We want to work hard to try to evangelize and disciple as many people as we can. We want to get busy getting the Gospel to people that have no knowledge of Christ. 

What are our long term plans? We don’t know the future, but are praying for God to open the borders of China to allow us to transition from Taiwan back to mainland China. It is possible if tensions continue to increase between the US and China that China’s borders could be closed to Americans for a very long time. We pray this doesn’t happen, but if it does we know God is still in control and are seeking the Lord’s guidance and direction. 

Short term prayer request: Please pray we could obtain all of the required COVID testing and quarantine paperwork that Taiwan requires for entry into their country. Please pray their would be no hiccups or delays with our flights so that we can get to Taiwan as scheduled. 

Thank you for your support and prayers. God is so good and we look forward to continue using our lives to serve Him! 

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