August 2020 Prayer Letter

  • We are in Taiwan:  God has been good to us. I mentioned in our last prayer letter to pray for us about the possibility of coming to Chinese speaking Taiwan to serve in a church plant while we wait for the borders in China to open back up. God opened the right doors to allow this to happen. We applied for visitor visas to be allowed to enter Taiwan during the COVID-19 pandemic and they were approved within one week. We were given a 3 month stay with the possibility to renew in Taiwan for an additional 3 months. We purchased plane tickets and arrived in Taiwan on August 7th. We are currently in the middle of the government required two-week quarantine. Once it is up, we will be free and can get to work sharing the Gospel and doing ministry here. Praise the Lord for allowing us this opportunity. Praise the Lord for safe and smooth travels. Taiwan like mainland China has a great need for the Gospel. The majority of people here claim to be Buddhist, Taoist or a mix of both. Very few people have heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. Please pray for God to use us while we are here to reach many people with the Gospel.   
  • Please pray for China to Open: Please pray for mainland China to open it’s borders. They recently started allowing certain visa holders from several European countries to return to China. There has been no word yet as to when they might start letting people from the Americas or American citizens return to China. Please pray for the borders to open up to Americans soon. We are planning to try to get back to mainland China as soon as we are able to. Please pray for God to open the doors. 
  • Witnessing Opportunities: This week I was able over phone-video call to continue witnessing to a couple of guys from Jinan China. They are both people I have been witnessing to for a while. They continue to want to learn more, but have yet to make a decision for Christ. Please pray for God to convict them of their sin and need for a Savior. I made a website with Gospel sermons in Chinese and have been trying to promote it to people that live in China. I have had a few people from China that have added my contact information and said they are interested in the Bible. Please pray for opportunities to follow up with these people. 
  • Please pray for Laborers: As I think of the amount of people in China and Taiwan that need the Gospel, I am reminded of how we need to pray for God to send more laborers into these harvest fields with the Gospel. Would you pray with us for God to send more laborers into His harvest? Would you pray for God to raise up more missionaries to take the Gospel to China?

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