Weekly News Bites-Traveling

On the Road:  

The week of Thanksgiving was busy! We went from churches in South Carolina the Sunday before Thanksgiving to a Florida meeting last Wednesday. Then this past Sunday we were back up in North Carolina for meetings. Praise the Lord for the opportunities we had to present the ministry during this Thanksgiving week. We also were blessed to get to spend time with family while we were in Florida. We truly have much to be thankful for. 

Another Step Forward:  

This past Sunday I heard from a church we were in earlier this month that decided to take us on for support. What a blessing! This makes 3 churches that we have been to in November that have already let us know they decided to take us on for support. Will you pray with us that God would provide more churches to partner with us financially?

Chinese Practice: 

At the church we were in the past Sunday night, Nancy and I were able to meet a girl from Taiwan that was visiting this church for the second time. We were able to talk with her some, and I gave her a book in Chinese that explains how a person can know God through Jesus Christ. She spoke perfect English, but I was able to practice a little bit of my Chinese. 

A Big Praise:

I heard from a church this week that decided to give us a very generous one-time gift. This gift will go towards our set-up fund that we are raising to cover the initial costs that we will incur when we arrive on the field. To see the status of our set-up fund you can click here.


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