Weekly News Bites-Back In Town

Weekly News Bites: A weekly update of what God is doing in our lives!

Local Meetings:

All of our meetings last Sunday and Wednesday were back in Georgia. It was nice to be back closer to home in Georgia for meetings. On Sunday morning, I presented at a church that I attended for a couple of years during my teenage years. I enjoyed seeing people I hadn`t seen in a long time and presenting to them the need for the Gospel in China.


I want to invite you to come to the Our Generation Summit in Pigeon Forge, TN. This event takes place on Dec 31st-Jan 2nd, and there is still time for you to register to come. It is a missions retreat where anyone interested in missions can learn more about how God can use them in missions and be challenged to do more to reach this world with the Gospel. Whether you have an interest in being a missionary or have just a casual interest in missions, I believe this event will be a blessing for you. You can find out more about the event at https://www.visionmissions.com/events/summit/ and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Exciting Time At Outreach:

I enjoyed going on outreach with my home church this past Saturday morning. I was able to see a guy from China that I had met before going on my six-month trip to China. He said that he was a Christian, but didn`t currently have a church. I invited him to church. Please pray that he would decide to come.

God is good:

Sometimes I forget how good God is, but I have been reminded this week of how many things I have to thank God for. He has saved me, blessed me with a wonderful wife, and provided for all my needs. I have many things I should be thanking Him for. He is so good.

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