Weekly News Bites-Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas:

We hope each one of you have a wonderful Christmas. It is definitely an exciting time of year. This will be the first Christmas Nancy and I get to spend together as a married couple. We are looking forward to it! We are getting to spend time with family before traveling to South Carolina and North Carolina this weekend to present at two different churches.

kanon and nancy3

Christmas in China:

In China, Christmas is not a holiday that Chinese people celebrate. Stores may hang Christmas decorations as a way to attract customers, but the people themselves will not celebrate Christmas. Christmas is just another day of work. China is an atheistic culture, so people don`t celebrate spiritual holidays like Christmas and Easter. So, this Christmas as you are reading the Christmas story remember that on the other side of the world many more people than even live in the United States will wake up and go to work and not even think about the Christmas story. Why? Because they never heard about it! Pray for us as we raise our support to get to China with the good news that a Savior is born.


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