Thursday’s Chinese Province – Inner Mongolia

I am writing a series of articles about the different provinces of China. I would like for you to become familiar with the provinces of China so that you can pray specifically for each one. Would you be willing to pray that God would raise up new missionaries to take the Gospel to each one of these provinces that so desperately need Jesus Christ?


Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Population = 24,706,321

Inner Mongolia is one of China’s five autonomous regions. An autonomous region has a higher population of a minority ethnic group than does a regular province. In Inner Mongolia people belonging to the Mongol ethnic group account for over 17% of the population. In fact by law, signs in Inner Mongolia must be written both in the Mongolian language and in Chinese. These people need Jesus Christ. Approximately 80% of the people in this province claim to worship features of Chinese folk religions and Mongolian shamanism. One of the things they worship is a sacred heap of stones called an ovoo. You can see a picture of one below. Please pray for laborers to be raised up to take the Gospel to this province that so desperately needs the good news of Jesus Christ. 


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