Weekly News Bites – 3 New Supporters!

Weekly News Bites: A weekly update of what God is doing in our lives!

3 New Supporters: God blessed us with hearing in the last six days of three new churches that started to support us. This was a great blessing! We heard of two new churches this past Thursday, and then just yesterday I received a call from a pastor that let us know his church had voted to take us on for support. This makes four new churches so far in April that we have heard of supporting us. Towards the beginning of April, we began praying that we would hear from five new churches this month. So far, God has already provided four of the five that we prayed for. I would like to ask you to pray with me for at least one or more other churches to take us on for support this month. We look forward to seeing how God will provide. 

New Bern, NC High School: The church we were in this past week for their missions conference was able to get us along with some other missionaries into the New Bern, NC high school to talk about the countries we are going to. One of the ladies that goes to the church works at the school and was able to get us in. This was a great opportunity. Nancy and I were able to speak during five different classroom sessions and also set up our display in the cafeteria during the lunch hour. Many of the students we talked to asked questions about why we are going to China and what would we be doing there. This gave us an open door to talk about our testimony, and how we would be sharing Christ with people in China. While we couldn’t directly share the Gospel, we were blessed to see how God used us to at least expose many of the students to missions and the Gospel.

New Visitors At Church: I was blessed to see how God used the bus ministry of this same church to bring some lost visitors to church on Sunday morning. I enjoyed the opportunity to preach on Sunday morning and was excited to share the good news of salvation with the people that came. Please be praying for the salvation of two ladies that came this Sunday morning as well as the salvation of their daughters that came with them.

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