Thursday’s Chinese Province – Jilin Province

I am writing a series of articles about the different provinces of China. I would love it if you were able to become familiar with the provinces of China so that you could pray specifically for each one. Would you be willing to pray that God would raise up new missionaries to take the Gospel to each one of these provinces that so desperately need Jesus Christ?


Jilin Province

Population = 27,462,297

Jilin Province is a province located in the Northeastern part of China. It forms the longest border than any other province with the country of North Korea. Jilin is home to two-thirds of China’s ethnic Koreans. They make up about 4% of the population. Jilin is a big manufacturer of automobiles. In fact its capital city, Changchun, is known as the Detroit of China. Jilin province has a very cold climate in the winter. Please pray for the people of Jilin province. They need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. The majority of people that live in Jilin province do not know the good news of Jesus. Would you pray that laborers would be raised up to take the good news of the Gospel to them?


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